Course curriculum

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    • Table Prep for Watercolor

    • Live Class - 090422

    • Live Class - 090922

    • Live Class - 091122

    • Live Class - 091822

    • Live Class - 092322

    • Live Class - 092422

    • Live Class - 092922

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    • Live Class - 10 03 22

    • Live Class - 10 07 22

    • Live Class - 10 08 22

    • Live Class - 10 23 22

    • Live Class - 10 24 22

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    • YCP & Tape Demo 11 11 22

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    • The Dot - Inspiration < - - - - Please Watch!

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    • Watercolor Paper Towel on Board!

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    • December 30, 2022

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Thank You

Happy Painters

August, 2022

"You have the loveliest heart and teaching style.

I'm so happy to have met you!"

- Pamela W.

"I think I found my niche!

And I love your idea's! Thank you!"

- Valerie S.

"A lovely box to hold lovely little paintings! Loved your audio from tonights class! Thank you for your wonderful and very heartfelt encouragement to all of us! It made a difference."

- Marjorie K.

"Had so much fun! I am moving towards not judging self too! Love the videos, easy to understand!"

- Kathleen C.

"My takeaways are many! It was FUN! I'm so surprised I could even do this. Painting ideas don't come to me quickly if at all, I don't draw, but I feel COLORS which takes me toward abstract or some sort of combo. Loved loved seeing and hearing everyone's work and their thoughts and experiences! And always your amazing teachings. You have a gift and I'm so grateful to be in this group."

- Julie T.

"Thanks for a wonderful class, Nicole. It has awakened many little brain cells! As a bonus my Sister-in-law and I are going to Zoom from now on instead of talk on the phone so that we can support one another with our art works. I told her about your class and I'm so glad she is going to continue to paint with you!"

- Adele F.

" So many thanks for a great series of painless, fun learning. My world has become richer and my goals loftier, but seem to be doable at this point. For that I am grateful. The "I can't paint" bugaboo seems to have become a faint voice off in the distance, easy to ignore."

- Barbara M.

"This 5-day on-line watercolor painting challenge has been a great jump start for me to just get going on back-burner painting ideas. It’s been a great opportunity to get reacquainted with watercolor and color mixing in just 5-minutes per day (which of course happily expanded to more). Nicole's suggested focus on organizing a permanent work space and just playing with paint on small cards is perfect to help “get over yourself” and get started. Also invaluable is meeting other timid painters and seeing their progress and the uniqueness of their work. If you have ever stood before a blank canvas in angst, thinking what do I do now, I highly recommend getting your brush wet in this short-course."

- Linda M

“Nicole’s 5-day painting challenge helped me return to the joy of IRL (“in real life”, not digital) painting and discovering how cool watercolors are. She creates a wonderful safe, encouraging, and fun space for everyone to be creative and offers all kinds of great insights and tips on art materials and techniques for every level to help you express yourself through art. I am amazed at all the fantastic instructional and inspirational videos and instructional content she created as part of the course offerings, and it’s a treat to watch along while I paint. For those who struggle with feeling ‘judged’ by their art or have had art instruction/classes that made you feel like you could never paint/draw/be creative, please try out Nicole White’s art courses as a way to unlock your own creativity. Everyone has creative potential.”

- Ayu O.

You Can Paint!

"With child-like innocence and abandon, wild and free without any inner voice of resistance or discouragement, rising to the surface to blow out the fire and pure joy of creating, I painted a most magnificent dot of color onto my page, not caring or knowing what that small beginning would transform into!

Starting from a place of beginners mind and silencing my inner critic, I picked up my paint brush and formed a relationship with the paint. Each stroke a word and each color a feeling, until something other than a dot began to take shape.

This is the essence of, “The You Can Paint Challenge.” Nicole’s gentle and openhearted expression guides each of the participants into the shallows of the creative process. First getting our feet wet within the creative streams of color and then encouraging each of us to wade deeper and deeper into our own painting journey, until we are at one with our inner child at play.

Nicole brings her joy and enthusiasm for life into the creative process and creates a safe space for all to explore. I highly recommend, “The You Can Paint Challenge” and the many other classes Nicole offers. Go ahead! Jump into the pool of your creative unknowns. I guarantee, you will emerge from this process with a new appreciation and perception of your creative self! This experience is not only a healing remedy for the timid or vulnerable artist living within you, but, it’s good medicine for your soul!"

- Kim Rothrock

“From my simple circle of color emerged a Soul Bird.”

"YES! You truly can find a few minutes a day to paint and begin to believe in your artistic talents. A community of laughter, questions, enthusiasm and the joy of sharing just one hour a day for 5 days was amazing and just the right push to move me to paint! Nicole is an exceptional guide into a world of watercolor. Her knowledge, energy, belief in our inherent creative talents and encouragement was boundless. I loved every minute and every hour! And, yes, I do continue to paint!"

- Jean